Sean Reece
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Sean Reece

Full Stack Software Developer 🔥

Professional full stack software developer by day (and night). Sean Reece has years of experience in web, desktop, and mobile software development. Sean loves to work on new and exciting projects with a passion for writing efficient and concise code and always learning new things. When he’s not writing/designing code, he’s either spending time with family or practicing being a mediocre photographer.


Learning every day.


Focused on the future of web development, I'm currently building cool stuff with ReactJS (and sometimes AngularJS)


Great web experiences need an awesome scalable backend. I build RESTful APIs with Node.JS


Mobile experiences are 🔑 - I build responsive and progressive web apps.


Check these out.


Angular Web App

Shoutie (Coming Soon)

Hybrid Android/iOS App

BarSeen (Coming Soon)

Hybrid Android/iOS App


Web Application

Shockbox Cloud

Web Application

Shockbox Mobile

Android and iOS Apps

More Coming Soon

Stay Tuned.